People Against Substance Abuse is a registered Non- Profit Organisation based in George and founded and DONATE
established by  Freddy Trout in 2006.

Our Purpose:

Build a society where our youth are equipped and empowered to know, be solid in and live out their identity, their value and their self-worth so they can live lives of purpose.

Our Vision:

Raising up a purpose driven youth free from substance abuse.

Our Mission:

PASA empowers youth with life skills programmes for the prevention of habit and or addiction forming substance abuse. We provide early intervention, support and aftercare services, primarily to at risk youth in schools in the Western Cape.

Our Core Values:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Transparency

Our Aim:

Our passion is focused on impacting the lives of our youth through investing in on-going life skills projects through multimedia packages to provide guidance whereby generating lives of purpose and destiny due to moral generation.

Week two of our Substance Abuse Prevention campaign. This morning we spoke to Grade 4-7 at Conville Primary School about Making the Right Choices with a special focus on Society, Boredom, Rebelliousness, Peer Pressure, Your Reality and Your Self Image and how all of these affect the choices we make daily.

We shared our personal stories of how bad choices caused us to respectively throw away 10 and 12 years of our lives which included a lot of brokenness, hurt, and lost relationships between family.


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3 days ago

People Against Substance Abuse George

We are ready for action on this very cold and wet winter's day. Please come and support us at the Spar in Weelington street.

Buy a sticker for only R10 which will go towards our Substance Abuse Prevention campaign that started this week. You can also make a donation of any amount or just buy us a cup of coffee at Root Coffee Roasters to warm our hearts and bodies. We already visited 4 schools this week and impacted 530 learners.

Come and make a difference for only R10.

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Tomorrow we will be at SPAR in Wellington Street Denneoord. We will be selling these really cool stickers for our Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign. Please head down to Spar tomorrow and come and support us. You can buy a sticker for only R10, make a donation or maybe just buy us a cup of coffee.

It looks like its going to be a cold morning so we will need the coffee and maybe some pancakes, Lani's pancakes is just across the road, catch my drift?😜😜

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What an exciting week. Tuesday- Hibernia Primary School, Wednesday- Agapé Home School, Thursday- Kingsley Private School and Friday- Van Kervel School. This week alone we reached 530 learners from grade 1-12. The little ones, grade 1-5 we entertained with stories and we had a lot of fun and made lots of noise.

With the grade 6-12 we spoke about Society, Boredom, Rebelliousness, Peer Pressure, Low Self Esteem and your Reality, and how these can influence the choices we make and how they can ruin our lives if the wrong choice is made.

Life is not an easy ride and we all have challenges and go through difficult times, but we always choose how we will respond to those challenges.

Drugs and a successful career does not go together, your life is in your hands. Make the right choice and achieve great things.

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4 days ago

People Against Substance Abuse George

Day 4 of our Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign. We are at Van Kervel School this morning. What a privilege to be able to live out our purpose in this way. ...

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