The other day after I left the bank to get a letter I was confronted by this Drug Addict trying to get some money from me and while I gave him a chance to tell his usual sad story, I didn’t give him any money because that would not be helping him but I was reminded of myself about 16 years ago at exactly the same place. Living on the streets of Cape Town begging for money, manipulating and lying to people and even stealing just for my next fix. What is it that saved me 16 years ago??? It was nothing but the Grace of God…

Grace is a wonderful thing. It is God’s favour by which we are saved through faith in Jesus Christ, as Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:8.
The Holy Spirit ministers grace to us from God the Father. It can be said that grace is the Holy Spirit’s power flowing out from God’s throne to save us; it enables us to be justified (to be in right standing before God) and to live holy lives and to accomplish the will of God. But to get that we need to accept His love and His grace. It is free, yet so many do not want to take it because they so much enjoy the sin they are living in and then they still ask the question…”Why am I struggling like this”