Spotting the Symptoms

  1. Pay attention to problems happening at school or work.

This may include suddenly missing more work than usual, losing interest in a career or failing grades in school subjects that would normally not be challenging to the person at all.

  • While missing work or school can be a sign of drug use, sometimes spending too much

time working can also be a sign there is drug use occurring. It is not unusual for some

adults to start using drugs as a way to add more awake time to the day, so suddenly

working nearly non-stop can point to a substance problem.

  • Friends at school or work may also change if there is a new drug problem. Your loved

one may no longer want to see anyone socially due to fear of being caught. Or, they may

have made new friends who share the same habit. If it is a change for your loved one to

skip happy hour with co-workers not once but every week , this may mean there is

something to hide.