Friemersheim Primary School is a small school in this farming town just outside Grootbrakrivier. We have been implementing our Life Skills Program at this school for the past three years with some really amazing results. Learners growing up in a community where most of their parents are either abusing or are addicted to substances are taking a stand for their own futures as they are being empowered to do so in very practical ways.

The Bound program focuses on the following key issues:

  • The importance of self-worth and value when choices are made.
  • The influence of peer pressure and how your purpose can be hijacked.
  • Consequences of substance abuse and how addiction “steals, kills and destroys”.
  • The responsibility to live lives of purpose.
  • Mental, Physical and Spiritual consequences of unwanted pregnancies, adoption and abortions.
  • Facts about drugs and their effects on your body, family, community and our country.
  • Identification of areas where scholar may be challenged.
  • Decisions the learner need to make to change their destiny.