“BOUND” is a four day Life Skills Course presented by Freddy Trout and Wayne Windvoël. Learners are from the age of 12 and older. This June School Holidays we presented the course with a group of young men from Sports Academy George. Lives have been impacted over these four days as these walked out of there different people from when they entered on the first day.

I need to stress that People Against Substance Abuse does not believe in the sustainability of a hit-and-run program, hence our approach to adopt schools and invest for a longer period with regular visits to smaller groups. Secondly P.A.S.A. is NOT a drug talk. This is a comprehensive program based on life skills whereby young people are empowered to deal with a changing society, equipping them with all the necessary skills needed to make sound choices.All aspects of smoking, alcohol, sex, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse are covered in this program as these are interrelated in a teenager’s life. The BOUND curriculum looks intensely at the whole marketing strategy of the peer group and how each teenager needs to be in control when making choices, and where the “con” of fitting in, leads to the loss of individuality.
People Against Substance Abuse invests into the teenager’s future, helping them to focus on their dreams and their purpose. Emphasis is placed on how alcohol and drugs short circuit the completion of the set-up and leave the young person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. There is NO focus on drug identification as this can easily result in drug ‘advertising’, but rather on the reality of the MESS. All information is well researched and all facts are evidence based. The program also deals with the big “Why” factor. Every “Why” is dealt with and their choices become the alternatives as teenagers decide to be smart, to take a stand and to be prepared for all the “lies” out there.

Tasks that are addressed during the programme.

  • The importance of self-worth and value when choices are made.
  • The influence of peer pressure and how your purpose can be hijacked.
  • Consequences of substance abuse and how addiction “steals, kills and destroys”.
  • The responsibility to live lives of purpose.
  • The importance of sound choices to fulfil your dream.
  • Mental, Physical and Spiritual consequences of unwanted pregnancies, adoption, HIV/AIDS and abortions.
  • Facts about drugs and their effects on your body, family, community and our country.
  • Identification of areas where scholar may be challenged.
  • Decisions required to change the learner’s destiny.