PASA adopted a strong prevention and awareness focus with respect to substance abuse. PASA offers the following services:

• Awareness raising

Awareness is raised through community programmes where people from the community are invited to attend information sessions. Awareness is also done through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Educational programmes at schools

Educational programmes at schools are done on a quarterly basis with grade 6-7 learners. Learners also receive information booklets which are aimed at reaching parents also.

Life skills programmes

Life skills programmes are done with grade 7 learners using the BOUND curriculum. Schools are contacted and the programme is discussed with the principal and permission is given from the school’s governing body to implement the program.


Transport is provided to people who need to be admitted to rehabilitation centers, costs are covered by the family of such persons or alternatively it is sponsored by local businesses.

Early intervention

Early intervention is done through our counseling office where people from the community who have family or children which are addicted or abusing drugs make appointments for help. A consultation is done, and the person is assessed, and a plan of action is then developed to help. Early intervention is also done in schools through our prevention and awareness programmes.


Referrals to rehabilitation centers and or other facilities are done when people from the communities make appointments at our office where we do a consultation and assessment of the current situation and then we make referrals when needed to relevant facilities.

Aftercare and re-integration

Aftercare is provided to people who were admitted to the rehabilitation center which our organisation makes use of in Cape Town. Aftercare is not time limited and can go on for as long as it is needed. The person attends some of our courses to help them with a strong biblical foundation to be able to stand against temptation. The person learns about healthy boundaries and practical skills on how to stay away from temptation, the wrong friends etc.

Family support

The damage to families of drug addicts is much greater than most people realize. While a person is admitted to a rehab facility we spend time working with and supporting the family while the person finishes their rehab programme. Families are also prepared for when the person returns from rehab and ongoing support is given to the whole family.

Education and training

Education and training is provided to communities about the effects of drug abuse on an individual, a family, community and ultimately our society. Education and training also given on how to prevent drug abuse/addiction and how to identify addiction and how to get rid of drug dealers in our communities without putting anyone’s life at risk.

HIV Testing Services (HTS)

Two staff members have recently successfully completed accredited HTS training (NQF 4). These services will be offered as and when required, either at non-medical testing sites and or in partnership with Options Care Center George. A specialized HTS intervention is envisaged with regards to people who both inject and abuse habit forming substances.

• Information:

People Against Substance Abuse also print and distribute A5 information booklets on a monthly basis with up to date information on different kind of drugs in schools, hospitals, police stations, doctor’s rooms, businesses and clinics around George, Mossel bay and Knysna. The printing and distribution of these booklets are made possible by local businesses that have partnered with the organisation and contribute financially on a monthly basis. These booklets have become very popular in our community.

People Against Substance Abuse also print and distribute at least 4000 A2 size full colour posters per year in schools, hospitals, police stations, doctor’s rooms, businesses and clinics in and around George. These have also become very popular among teachers as a teaching aid in classrooms and the police also use them in the prevention projects at schools.

PASA also travel extensively to different parts of South Africa on invitation to provide services to Corporate companies, small businesses and schools.

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