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Parkdene High School Matrics

We addressed a class of matric students about Substance Abuse and how it can derail the plans you have for your life. We focused on how friends can influence our choices and learners were challenged to do a “friend check” and evaluate which of their friends are adding value to their lives or have a positive influence on their lives and choices.  

Parkdene High School

We had the privilege to address a class of grade 8 learners and spoke about our dreams and plans for our lives and our futures and how things like our Circumstances, Boredom, Rebeliousness, Self Image, Peer Pressure and Society have an influence on the choices we make everyday. Learners were challenged to dream big and to stay focussed on their dreams and their plans for their futures and not to allow anyone to have a negative influence on their dreams. Learners were challenged to work hard for what they want in life and the kind of future they want to have.  

Ebenhaeser Primary School

We were invited by the Principal of the school to present our Life Skills program “BOUND” at the school and we worked with 40 learners in various grades who are either experimenting with drugs, selling drugs or addicted to drugs already. During this program the focus is not on drugs, but rather on all the things that can possibly lead to a decision to start using drugs. We highlighted 6 of these reason which are: Society, Self Image, Your Reality (Circumstances), Boredom, Rebeliousness and Peer Pressure. The idea is to expose all the lies that are believed around the above mentioned things and how they can influence the choices we make everyday.

Africa Skills College

We had the opportunity to address 150 students and apprentices about the dangers and effects of substance abuse on their own lives and how it can affect the people around them, especially their family. We also shared our own stories of years of addiction, gangsterism and violence and we talked about how it affected our relationships with family members and how some of those relationships are beyond repair because the trust that is broken.

BOUND Grade 6 Friemersheim Primary School

Friemersheim Primary School is a small school in this farming town just outside Grootbrakrivier. We have been implementing our Life Skills Program…

BOUND Friemersheim Primary School Grade 7

We have been implementing our Life Skills Program at this school for the past three years with some really amazing results.

Jagido Enterprises

We were invited by the owner of Jagido Enterprises to come and chat with his staff about the dangers of substance abuse

Raising funds

Every term we raise funds through street collections. Permission is obtained from the municipality and traffic department

Hibernia Primary School

This morning we kicked off our Substance Abuse Awareness Campaign at Hibernia Primary where we spoke to 160 grade 6 & 7 learners

Agapé Home School

Day 2 of our Substance Abuse Prevention campaign, today we had 18 grade 6-12 learners and about 28 grade 1-7 learners

Van Kervel School

Day 4 of our Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign was at Van Kervel School. This is one of the schools where we have done many…

Pacaltsdorp Primary School

And so our Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign continues… On 6 August we addressed about 175 grade 7 learners at Pacaltsdorp

Herold & Franken Primary Schools

Yesterday we addressed grade 4-7 learners at Franken and Herold Primary School. We spoke about the importance of making the right choices

Dieprivier & Kommandantsdrif Primary Schools

Later yesterday we also addressed grade 4-7 learners from Dieprivier & Kommandantsdrif Primary Schools.